IMH was started because we saw a need for quality mental healthcare. Patients repeatedly tell us they get a different type of care at IMH, and we truly believe it is our commitment to our patient care model that separates us from the rest. We follow 7 guiding principles:

1. Provide A Welcoming Environment 

2. Respect & Empower Patients

3. Coordinate Care 

4. Work As A Team

5. Be Accessible

6. Provide Community Outreach

7. Never Stop Learning

Carey Crill - Boise/McCall | PMHNP & Owner

Carey Crill, Owner and PMHNP and Therapy Dog, Finn

Care Management

Care Management is a program that aims to improve coordination of care and reduce unnecessary costs to the patient. Each patient that qualifies for this program, will receive a personal care manager. This is someone who you can contact in emergencies for support. They work behind the scenes to make sure prior authorizations are completed as soon as possible, that all providers in your care are notified of changes or testing results, and they will even research possible programs that you may qualify for to help with various stressors in your life. Anything that they can think of, that might help you improve your mental health, they will work on for you. This makes navigating the healthcare system extremely easy. In addition to this, we also have a staff pharmacist that will consult on your medications so that you have multiple professionals overseeing your care. What we have experienced by providing this to our patients is that they get better faster, relapse infrequently, are much more satisfied with their care, have fewer hospital stays, and have reduced healthcare costs. Your other providers involved in your care will appreciate the program as well, because they will have much more information to make informed medical decisions. 

Integrative Psychiatry

Too often, patients sit down with their provider for a couple of minutes and walk out the door with a new prescription and that is it. At IMH, we believe in treating patients holistically by addressing their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. Mental healthcare is not meant to be run like a conveyor belt. Each patient needs an individualized treatment plan that may include all forms of interventions. From medication to acupuncture, our providers have understood the value of providing a well-rounded treatment approach to improve outcomes. Most importantly, you are in charge of your treatment and we strive to empower you along your journey at each appointment. 

Advanced Psychopharmacology

Each one of our providers specializes in psychiatry. As part of our training, we spend extra time understanding the intricacies of prescribing psychotropic medication. Too often, we see patients who have been on medication that is unlikely to help with their underlying root cause of symptoms. Because of this training, we are able to improve rates of response and side effects of medication.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

This is one tool that we have been trained to utilize in order to improve our patients’ response to medications. This can inform us of the possible drug-to-drug interactions or of drugs that would be contraindicated because of your genetics. Research shows that utilizing pharmacogenetic testing can lead to quicker results and fewer side effects if used properly. We will also take the time to go through the results with you so that you understand them as well. 

Our Providers

We have experts in every area that could help you with your mental health. At IMH we work as a team. Our providers, counselors, pharmacists, care managers, and receptionists all work together to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. We have seen that it takes a village in order to get the best results and at IMH you have every support that you will need on your road to recovery.

Our Mission

Is committed to providing quality, holistic, comprehensive, and compassionate mental health services to people of all ages including children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

Our commitment is to utilize the most advanced technologies available to expand access to patients and improve outcomes.

We passionately work with the family as a whole and the vulnerable and underserved populations in our community.

Above all, we follow the golden rule and strive to treat each patient with the highest level of integrity.