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Introducing Remote Metabolic Monitoring through Athelas

Giving providers the ability to monitor your physical health and provide a higher level of care, even while remote.

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Athelas brings simple, life-changing health care products to people around the globe.

The future of healthcare in the home - Athelas is a team of technologists building the next generation of medical products at the intersection of hardware and software.

At IMH, we care about your overall health. We are excited to announce we are partnering with Athelas to provide you with cutting-edge care. The Athelas program will provide you with tools to monitor your vitals at home (ex. blood pressure, glucose, weight), which will be reported back to your provider and used to ensure that your course of treatment is on track, and not causing any unforeseen side effects. Many psychiatric medications can affect both your physical health and your mental health, so it is important that we continue to keep an eye on your physical health.